What’s New on this Site?

cross is the light in the darknessOctober 3rd 2017: Quotes I’ve collected over the last two years are now being added to pages, nearly all the pages receiving an average of three or additional four quotes.

Sept 29th, 2015: Again, various additions made to various pages the last few months, including an extension of the Joy and Laughter page to include Pope Paul VI’s insights.

July 13th, 2015:Various additions made to various page the last month, and today we’ve added a page for priests! Or maybe it’ll (also?) be useful for people wondering about their particular vocation… A Priest’s Mission

June 13th, 2015: Added a page: Jesus—”I am THE WAY”, mostly so far with quotes by Henri Nouwen but this’ll be added to in time: Dorothy Day, for one, has a number of quotes on this.

May 17th, 2015: Added some quotes regarding women, men, etc to the Women and the Church page

May 5th, 2015: Adding some quotes by Dorothy Day from ‘Dorothy Day: Selected Writings’. It’s a brilliant collection, written by a remarkable person. First couple of pages improved are Our Mission in Life and Jesus’ Teachings. More to follow, God willing!

March 7th, 2015: A re-vamped and hopefully improved “Some Prayers” page.

February 16th, 2015: Quite a few extra quotes added today, particularly on ‘Being a Parent’, ‘Mary’, ‘Women and the Church’, ‘Working Together, Not Alone’, ‘God, the Holy Spirit’, ‘Prayer and the Power of Ritual’, ‘Being humble’, ‘Peace and Love,’ and the ‘Links for Learning’ page. Whatever you click on, enjoy!

Update: 17/12/14: All the following has been done. Enjoy!

Right now (20th November 2014), we’re adding a page on Christmas: hope you find it useful!

We intened expanding it with great quotes from multiple sources but right now it features just the perceptive Sr Wendy Beckett.

And we hope too to add quotes from her book to various other pages too, such as the Jesus’ Nature page, the Suffering page, and the Mary page.

Regular visitors know this site is being expanded about once a week on average. We insert any great quotes we find (with a source) that give a wonderful new perspective to any of our key topics.

Please keep coming back regularly — and find ways of sharing this site with others. God bless you!


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