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9 11 2019

Smile God Loves You

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Key Christian Teachings, Insights, and Explanations.

I began this quotes-website back in 2011 simply hoping to provide a quality resource to help teachers and parents answer their children’s ‘God’-questions. Now, it’s for everyone, not just teachers and parents: it also helps adults help themselves.

All it is is just a carefully-selected quotes-collection. For everyone:

  • For Christians, meaning followers of Jesus, here’s hoping it’s useful to me and to others, so that it helps us all deepen our faith and live our faith. And that it helps us all do what Jesus urged, “You must love your neighbour as yourself,” all the time remembering the wisdom of St Teresa of Avila’s words, “The important thing is not to think much but to love much.”
  • For non-Christians, here’s hoping it helps in some way reach a deeper truth about whatever it is you’re wondering.

It is inadequate — but I hope it’s helpful when it comes to the ‘tough’ questions children— and adults — ask, such as:

  1. “Tell us about the devil!
  2. What’s God like? Is he just an old man?
  3. Are all religions the same really?
  4. What was Jesus like? Why did he die by being killed?
  5. Why bother praying? What I pray for I never get anyway.
  6. As a Christian I’m meant to be not too bad and then I go to heaven: is that what it’s about?
  7. What’s so special about communion anyway?”

It’s simply here to help us adults understand all this.
If you’re a parent or a teacher, it’s up to you then to adapt the insight to the child’s/children’s level of understanding.

Dip in/Click in whenever it feels right, wherever it feels right. Maybe bookmark the site to make sure you can come back to it another time. Take your time with it.

This site was created and is every-so-often updated by me, Martin Stuart, a primary school teacher at Scoil Talbot National School in Clondalkin, Dublin, Ireland, which is a public (state) and Catholic school for children from 3rd to 6th class (age 8 to 12).

The site has a Roman Catholic focus. Yet the aim is for it to be useful to all Christians, Catholic or Protestant or Orthodox, as differences in belief and understanding are so little compared to the treasures we share. In that light, while the vast majority of the quotes are from Catholics, it includes useful quotes from all types of mainstream Christians. (Only one page, on Science, includes quotes from non-Christians.)

The site is a work-in-progress. When I find quotes that will complement other ones, I take note of them and then, every few months will add them to the site. I hope you find something useful to you and your life right now.

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If you wish to email me, use helpwttq and then the sign @ followed by gmail followed by dot com (I’ve split it up here in an attempt to prevent spam). I’ll reply whenever I see emails but it might not be very quickly.

Could I ask you a favour? If you like what you find, maybe you could somehow spread the word of it? Many thanks!

“Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and, if true, is of infinite importance.
The one thing it cannot be is moderately important.”

—CS Lewis